Craftsmen of you were indebted to

Nobuhiro Imoto

 Doctor of Science, which specializes in geology. Kyoto University of Education professor, served as the President, is currently working as a professor emeritus at Kyoto University of Education. Is committed to the geological map compilation of Kyoto, the achievement is still remain. In 2016, the authority that explains the Kyoto of geology at the NHK's popular program "Buratamori". It serves as the for natural whetstone of Kyoto Sangyo, especially finishing abrasive the (Gotogi) was named as "grindstone type siliceous shale", has been recognized in academic. In Japan Geological Society, this stone as a stone of the prefecture of Kyoto to be registered as "Narutaki Wheels" (although bearing the name of Narutaki of Kyoto, Ukyo-ku, as a historical main producing area also includes the grinding wheel of Kameoka production) It is also the became too tighten the driving force behind. Kameoka resident.

Nagao Takano

 After retirement, beating the gates of hand sharpening of knives sharpening shop "sharpen team", to the sharpening of the world. Sharpen a knife every year 400 to 500 lines. Deeply versed in the grinding wheel of the northern Kanto region, Kamiakasawa abrasive, Bushu Gotogi, re-discovery and of Itsukaichi Arato, Hikoma abrasive, Minamimaki Tozawa abrasive, Oizumi abrasive, Aranai abrasive, Sukegawa abrasive, Aizu abrasive such as the miners you home visits, are Akekure to gather information such as Toishiyama quarry. Whenever there always or anything, me rushed in carrying a lot of natural grindstone as a surprise. Saitama Prefecture Sakado resident.
"Three decades walked a middle Wheels" (Kezuro will Kai Proceedings) author wheels teacher Tadashi Setoyama Mr. sharpening of the teacher is Fuji Honami IsaoSusumu "sharpen team" Chief Tokyo polishing Meister Academy

Kiyoto Tanaka

 Management a musical instrument workshop Kiyond in Tamba Sasayama. Production of plucked string instruments (guitar by musical instruments that produce sound by flicking the strings, mandolin, etc.), make repairs. As well is that of musical instruments, knowledge and experience about the cutlery and the grindstone indispensable to the musical instrument production is such that of Namanaka Yes. When you peek at his blog, awesome in the richness and accuracy of knowledge. In particular, see the natural grindstone eye and mastering that is in the heights that no problem to say that Kamiwaza. Wonderful tool, grinding wheel, the arm of the craftsman to use them, and they are fusion, also known enchanting beauty give the appearance. I do not know what to do with this, but seems to love so much Koyonaku the ammonite. Hyogo Prefecture Sasayama resident.

Joji Tamaki

 Swords polishing nurse who runs the Tamaki art swords polishing treatment. Japanese Sword Museum and Japanese sword Culture Promotion Association has a number of award-winning in technology recital and technology exhibition representing Japan to host. This sword that worked in the past, beyond the 1000 swing to Yu, contemporary to the polishing a large number of 錚 people serving as a Sword of each era from the Heian period. Also it does TV dramas and movies, even swords polishing guidance, such as comics. As possible to say this work is that it is calling, but the first is simply an episode that only chose as employment. When you order now finish is that the three-year wait, the popular young talented. Sakyo-ku, Kyoto resident.

Yozo Tsuchihashi

 130 years or continue digging a natural grindstone in Kameoka City, founded in 1877 Totori home fourth generation family head. Association member of Kyoto established. In the footsteps of the family business equal to or greater than 40 years. Currently it is mainly mining and sale of natural whetstone of Maruoyama production, which is known under the trademark "Maruoyama Zotogi". Natural whetstone to yield to Kyoto has a history of 800 years from the Kamakura period, it has supported the Japanese civilization and culture. Digging excellent grinding stone, to finish so that it can be used refers to the many years of experience and intuition thing. However, excellent craftsmanship is no longer very few another, this time the traditional industry was trying to Mukaeyo to an end, Merit, who was again keen fire that was about to disappear that natural grindstone by the development of business using the Internet. Natural grindstone museum, and even more with the aim of construction of the village gather Takumi, day-to-day running around day and night followed. Kameoka resident.

Nunoya Koji

 Chef Japanese restaurant "Unowa" nestled in a corner of Osaka Kitashinchi. Former luxury restaurant, was born in auspicious Senba, repeated training in a number of well-established store, 2013, 2014 Michelin one star Kitashinchi "Nunoya". Prowess is proven. Seasonal ingredients, liquor, Special attention such as the vessel, hospitality in a time of calm Tokujo. A kitchen knife handling, such as thumping of the chest at the counter seat can enjoy in front of the eye. It appeared on NHK's popular program "pot of beauty", such as sashimi by Katsura Peel and Yanagiha kitchen knife radish by the thin blade knife, showing off also sharpening knives by natural grindstone with the work of stunning Japanese knives. Strive to leave to posterity the ingredients and technology in Osaka cuisine meeting. Kita-ku, Osaka resident.

Masashi Fujiwara

 It serves as a representative as the third generation of Yoshitaka Gassan cutlery shop. Kitchen knife in a professional sharpening teacher, repeated experiments and research of the cook while performing an inspection using a microscope, and pursue the sharpness. Take a scientific proof that taste changes in the sharpness of the knife, it was carried out under the supervision of two books. Also on the basis of this know-how, with a track record that has made the sharpening training for those with more than 1,000 domestic and foreign. In 2016 in the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry youth YEG business plan contest, he achieved a feat that won the Grand Prix and the sharpening on the theme. Always activities faction to explore the new world of sharpening. Ramen love. Mie Prefecture Matsusaka resident.

Koichi Murakami

 It specializes in sharpening knife in Osaka to run a "Togiya Murakami". To finish sharpening hand by natural grindstone has a commitment, a variety of natural grindstone with a variety of nature, properly used in accordance with the kitchen knife. Just a consumer of Gotogi (Awasedo, state that the popular name. Match natural finish grindstone is said to etymology). Mr. finished kitchen knife has a beauty that riveted the eyes of the viewer. Of course commitment to the sharpness of the knife, starting from the place where Komu build a kitchen knife in the form (Note: not all of the brand-new kitchen knife is not never expire well), until the finish of the end of the cutting edge, narrowing the optimal sharpening to food I do. If Shiagere natural grindstone, because there is a characteristic that it is difficult to rust and cut the length, the Japanese knives rust easy to carbon steel of recommended reason. Osaka Ikuno Ward resident.

Director Greetings

 This time, our Ueno was Osetsukari the director of natural grindstone museum.
 I have come to love without grindstone even from time, enjoyed sharpening the home kitchen knife in self-taught. First to the grindstone that I bought will remember was the Aoto of Tamba. However, recently, natural grinding wheel no longer is almost mined, I learned about the current situation that might be buried in the history.  That occasion, to have any edge, General Incorporated to know that the corporation Dobashi Yozo's representative director of Japan sharpening Culture Promotion Association is holding the chest the same I think, retired for many years worked for the company, the land of the Kameoka the it became a carry to open the main building together emigrated to. Meanwhile, now I take care of a lot of people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to have to take this opportunity.
 This natural grindstone museum in the base, you will find a willing to Japan smitten handed down to future generations the precious natural grindstone culture, which boasts the world.
 When viewed from the senior clans there is a amateur no better, but because we will continue to devote, is up to ask for your guidance. Best regard.

The Natural Whetstone Museum
Director Taisei Ueno